The Pipeline Initiative


What is it?

The Pipeline Initiative is our action plan for bringing STEM education and FIRST teams to every student, at every grade level.

We work from the ground up, with a focus on sustainability by creating a strong foundation of community support and STEM passion before creating teams. This approach is the strongest way to build a self-sustaining and thriving FIRST area.

STEM Club Jr. is Charger Robotics' free, 5-week, after-school program to inspire elementary K-6 youth in STEM in the Kent School District.


Team members spread the message of FIRST, career options, and introduce them to the STARS Curriculum that their teachers can access for free.  


We have also developed a comprehensive STEM Club Junior Curriculum that will allow for anyone to adapt this program to the classroom, an after-school club, or for other FIRST Teams to utilize.


Charger Robotics' Annual Girl's FIRST Initiative is a full-day mock FLL competition that targets middle school girls to increase their interest in STEM from a young age.

The event uses LEGO EV3 Mindstorm robots and gives the girls a challenge to engineer and program a solution to while practicing gracious professionalism and cooperation. The girls are split into 20 groups of 4 and provided with a laptop, EV3 kit, and a Charger Robotics mentor to guide them.


STEM Club Sr. is a middle school expansion of the STEM Club program. Where STEM Club Junior focuses on 5-weeks of smaller projects, STEM Club Senior explores a single project over the course of five weeks.

STEM Club Senior will allow us to expand and build a foundation at the middle school level for the starting of FIRST Tech Challenge Teams, and to prepare students to join the FIRST Robotics Competition after middle school.


STARS is a complete, free Pre-FLL Curriculum developed by Charger Robotics that allows for anyone, anywhere to start a FIRST Lego League (FLL) Team.

This curriculum is based on the EV3 Lego Mindstorm Kit. It's purpose is for any inexperienced person, with the intention to coach or teach students and children on how to use and compete with the EV3 kit, to be able to pick up and learn with the students. Feel free to download the curriculum and an activity in this link: STARS Curriculum

This is an active project that the team is working on and would love feedback!