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The game, RAPID REACT revolves around the idea of transportation. Each round started with an autonomous period, where the robot acted purely based on programing, no live human input. After that period, the players work to score points by shooting balls into a hub shared by both teams through either the high goal, worth 2 points, or the low goal, worth 2 points. At the near the end of the match, all teams get the chance to hang their robot in the hangar, with different level bars awarding different point values.

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The robot  is a 6 wheel drop center tank drive with a primary focus on shooting into the high goal. Secondary abilities include climbing to the mid rung and low goal capabilities. The robot has enhanced tracking abilities with state-of-the-art sensory systems. Capable of shooting from multiple positions around the field with a movable hood on the single fly-wheel shooter. The collector is a 4-bar linkage system that is driven by a motor and gearbox. The robot utilizes all falcon motors with various gearboxes to provide enough torque for various functions. The climber consists of two arms connected by an axel on the bottom that turns spools to bring the arms back down. Constant force springs bring the arms up. The entire upper section of the robot is attached to the drive base with rivnuts that allows for an easy disassembly. This allows components to be switched out easily if parts need to be fixed or replaced. The upper chassis is made out of metal bars. 

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